My name is Rob Chrisman and I love making music.I’ve been writing, performing, recording, and producing music for over 15 years. I’m confident working in most genres and with all steps of the production process.

My role in the creation of music is two-fold. I make music that makes me happy, and I make custom music in order to make others happy.

Creative Works

If you’re here to check out what I’ve been working on lately, head on over to the Creative Works page. That will give you an update on my current projects and should house links to any new music that I’ve released.

Custom Music

If you would like a piece of custom music made, please have a look at the menu at the top. I can create custom music perfect for any project you might have, whether it be for commercial or personal use. My goal is for you to to get as much joy out of the music as I do from making it.

Have a look at the services that I provide. If you need something music related that you don’t see here, contact me and ask! I’ll try to help you out if I can.